Pixel Analyze eCommerce

PXL is an AI service that analyzes contents in eCommerce by the pixel
to provide content personalized for individual users.

  • Input Value
  • PXL.AI
  • Output

Feature Extraction from image


  • Jacket(.95)
  • Blouses(.02)
  • T-Shirts(.01)
  • Sweater(.01)
  • Hoodies(.01)

Odd Concepts’ engine is optimized in design for image recognition, analysis, and machine learning.
Through learning millions of data from users, products, style attributes, and fashion trends, our A.I. technology continues to advance.

Increase in
avg page view

Increase in
avg session duration

Increase in
avg purchase conversion

Personalized AI Similar Product Recommendation Service

PXL.SEARCH analyzes the user’s preferences.

PXL is different from existing product recommendation services that recommend items irrelevant to the user’s personal preferences, like “Bestsellers” or “Other items purchased”.
PXL is a personalized AI similar product recommendation service. By analyzing billions of product data, our AI analyzes each user’s product interests to recommend personalized products.

The user satisfaction is maximized as AI finds the perfect product for each user’s needs and interests.

  1. Product data interwork
  2. Product recognition and analysis
  3. Similar product recommendation

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