How do you not just survive but GROW
in the competitive E-commerce industry?

Oddconcepts Vision AI analyzes users, products, and transactions to understand customers’ needs to provide the best personalized recommendations in various forms. 
Creating better shopping experiences resulting in increases in revenue and growth for our partners
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Over 1,000 fashion e-commerce clients worldwide are
experiencing the effects of the PXL service

1. Hyper Personalizaiton

원하는 상품을 한 눈에

All at once, in one glance

Customers no longer need to search for the product they want as all they are looking for are suggested in real-time. With faster product discovery, shopping satisfaction is maximized.

#Fast Product Discovery
#Increase in Purchase Conversion

필요한 순간, 최적의 방식으로

When in need, in the best way possible

In various e-commerce settings, personalized suggestions are provided in the best way to maximize shopping experience.

#Increase in Customer Satisfaction
#Increase in Customer Convenience

style ideas

Perfect Match!

Items that are a good match are recommended in real-time to solve customers’ concerns on styling and induce additional purchases. 

#Styling Tips
#Additional Purchases

2. Product Attribution Tagging

상품 속성 태깅

Product management made easy!

Attributes for all products are automatically labeled. Attributes that are crucial to product classification and product registration are automatically created with ease

#Product Classification Automation
#Management Convenience

3. Image Search

카메라 이미지 검색

Fast Search Process

Customers’ image is uploaded to be analyzed to suggest styles to the customers’ liking. Image search aids in fast product discovery.

#Fast Search for Product

4. Attribution Filtered Search


Product search using attributes

With product labels, products can be filtered to find exactly what the customer is looking for

#Easy Implementation
#Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Industry Leading

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Increased Traffic Performance
Including purchase conversion, revisit rate, and more

Purchase Conversion

x3.1 up

Revisit Rate

x3.4 up

Dec, 2021, Google Analytics


Client Interview

Revisit rates have increased after we implemented the PXL service

Mall F

After using PXL services, our purchase conversion rates sky rocketed

Mall P

I'm certain PXL services are the reason for our revenue increase!

Mall H